The Crown and the Chosen

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Session 1: August 2005

Chapter 1: Of Balls and Bards

Day 1: New Ollamn Ball

Oderic, Elandar, Havok and Xara get hired as additional security for a New Ollamn ball. Elandar is wearing the adopted persona of a moon elf named “Dusk”.

Oderic and Elandar, whilst using Detect Evil and Detect Magic uncover three guests with evil auras who are also carrying several magical objects. Oderic pockets their invitation.
Elandar follows the guests into Main Hall, where he tells Havok to keep a close eye on the three evil guests. Elandar then returns outside to re-join Oderic at the gatehouse.
Havok finds Xara and points out the evil guests.
Havok and Xara spend the next several hours trying to keep track of the evil guests. They are seen talking to several individuals and groups of people over the course of the evening. More often than not these conversations are held in close little huddles with cupped hands preventing even lip reading. Twice the three separate so Havok and Xara are unable to watch all three at the same time. Several times they seem to purposefully give Xara and Havok the slip, indicating they know they are under observation.

Elandar re-enters the hall to check everything is normal, but as he enters he detects the faint smell of wood smoke. Elandar traces the smell to a side door that was supposed to be locked but now isn’t. Elandar goes through the door to investigate, through another door he finds the fire in a store-room, it is already beyond Elandar’s ability to put it out.
Elandar returns to the main hall and reports the fire to the New Ollamn’s head steward. The steward gathers several New Ollamn servants and they attempt to put out the fire whilst Elandar reports the situation to Xara and Havok. Havok uses her Ghostwise ‘telepathy’ to inform Oderic who is still out at the gatehouse. Oderic heads in to the main hall to join Elandar, Havok and Xara.
Havok and Xara tell Elandar and Oderic that they didn’t see the three evil guests go near the door but also that they weren’t able to observe the three evil guests at all times.
Elandar comes to the conclusion the fire might have been set as a distraction, and he states his suspicions to Oderic, Xara and Havok.
Oderic heads to the store room to see if he can help. Elandar uses Levitate to rise above the crowd so he can see better, Xara and Havok spread themselves amongst the crowd of guests, all three adventurers looking for anything generally suspicious and the three evil guests in particular.

The head steward decides the fire is too far out of control and orders Oderic to help the New Ollamn servants get all the guests out of the main hall. Oderic and the New Ollamn servants begin trying to get people to leave. Oderic helps organise the water bucket line outside.
Elandar levitates up so he can watch the evil three, but despite attempting to hide in the shadows in the rafters, they appear to spot him, and one of them throws an object at him. Elandar is blasted by a bead of force, and dying and unconscious he is trapped in the force bubble effect in the air where he had been levitating. Malakiron witnesses the attack upon Elandar.
The crowd of guests, after witnessing the attack and now informed about the fire, begin heading for the exits en masse. Xara and Havok try and organise the evacuation since people are getting trampled and crushed in the rush. Xara, due to her druidic training notices the fire seems unusually resistant to being put out.
Oderic begins grabbing the most powerful looking guests and demanding that they help Elandar, but most refuse and join the evacuation.

Malakiron, who is one of the guests at New Ollamn, decides to help the other adventurers. He pushes through the crowd to where Oderic is and helps Oderic persuade one of the senior bards to help Elandar.
Xara and Havok succeed in getting the rest of the guests out of the main hall.
The senior bard dispels the bubble of force surrounding Elandar and Elandar’s own levitation effect. Oderic and Malakiron catch Elandar as he falls. The senior bard heals Elandar enough to stave off his death, at least for a while.

Oderic and Malakiron carry Elandar to the Fane of Eilistraee with Xara and Havok accompanying them. Oderic remains at the Fane, Havok, Xara and Malakiron head to a tavern after agreeing to meet Oderic there later. Elandar is partially healed by the Fane priestesses, Oderic reports to them about the events of the night.


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